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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saturday is Kitschy Girl's one month blogging annaversary

My first month's goal was to have 100 followers by if you are reading this and you haven't click the "follow" button eh hem. I'm so excited about new recipes and adding some new pages to the blog. Keep on the look out for some more visual changes, and recipes. My focus for September will be appetizers. The recipes on this blog will mainly be for entertaining, I will veer from that now and then, but for the most part I want this to be your first stop when you are going to a party and you have been asked to bring something, or if you are having a holiday party, or you know, if you just want a cupcake. Tell your friends! At the moment I'm writing this I still need 6 followers to make my goal, click it....come it! For those who don't bake, your support of this site is important too, you see if it can help fund the cupcake shop I'd like to open, I'll make the cupcakes and just send them to you. Now doesn't that sound nice? Keep on the look out for my first appetizer recipe post, later this evening. I know it isn't September yet, but I have more than enough recipes to get me through.

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