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Monday, December 26, 2011

Best &*$%@!& Eggnog Ever!

So, Christmas is behind us, but New Years lies ahead and this little recipe might give your party, or quiet evening alone watching the ball drop, just the right touch. Two years ago I made homemade eggnog for the first time and it's become an expected treat during the holiday season around here. The first time I made it, everyone drank quiet a bit of it, and that is when my family came up with the affectionate and colorful name for it. The best ******* eggnog ever! The word "ever" should be yelled. I made it again this year, and I ran out of whipping cream so it wasn't quiet the same, but still delicious. I also used it in my eggnog frosting for my gingerbread cupcakes that night and that worked very well.
In my opinion the key to this recipe and I would venture to say the key to all my recipes is to use high quality ingredients. I use Organic Eggs, Organic Milk, and Organic Whipping cream. I did cheap out on the liquor a bit. I'm sure higher quality liquor would make it even better. I also double the recipe, but that make an immense amount of eggnog and you need the worlds largest bowls to mix everything. When I double the recipe I would say I end up with close to 3 gallons of eggnog. Believe it or not, with only about ten people we drank all but 1/2 gallon of it.

Best ******* Eggnog Ever
12 eggs separated
6 cups of milk
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 cups of sugar
2 cups bourbon
11/2 cups brandy
Two teaspoons of ground nutmeg

The night before you wish to serve your eggnog get out two large bowls one of the preferably being metal. Separate all you egg whites in to one bowl and your yokes in to the other. If you have one put the whites in a metal bowl cover with plastic wrap and place in your refrigerator.
In the other bowl add sugar and beat yokes for about ten minutes. You want the color to resemble butter and the consistency to be firm to the touch.

Add you bourbon slowly. When you pour it in the liquid will break through the first layer and create a little hole. Continue to fill that little hole with a small stream. Do the same with your brandy. Do not mix at this point. Cover the mixture with
plastic wrap and place in your refrigerator over night.

about a half hour before you want to serve your nog pour your cream in to a large bowl and whip until your cream is thick. (tip) if you use a cold metal bowl and put your metal attachment for your mixer in the freezer for a few minutes prior to using it, you will have thicker whipped cream. The colder the cream the better.
Remove your egg whites from the refrigerator and beat until stiff peaks form. (Tip) beat on medium until soft peaks then switch to high and continue. Also having a cold bowl and attachment helps for whipping egg whites too. This is why I suggest a metal bowl.
With a whisk stir your nog (the yoke and alcohol) and add your milk. Slowly fold in the whipped cream and the egg whites. Top with nutmeg and enjoy.

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