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Friday, August 19, 2011

So much to do

Tomorrow is my son's first birthday party, and it's a good thing I work well under pressure. I have to do all the food for around $50.00. I just wrote out my menu and I'm heading for the grocery store after lunch. I have to get the house ready this morning and I still haven't come up with a cupcake recipe for the party. I don't like having cupcakes I have never tried out before a party, but I'm flying blind with the punch too. I hope everything is edible. I was trying to think of ways to incorporate the "monster" theme on my table. I was thinking of gluing googly eyes and pom pom noses to the table cloth, I'll lay it out first and see how it looks. As long as everything tastes good, I should have the recipe for the punch and the cupcakes up by tomorrow night. Later today look for   my Horchata cupcake recipe. It's a favorite in this family. I won't be doing much posting today, so everyone enjoy your Friday, I'll be cleaning, and shopping, and cleaning some more.

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