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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If I Had an Orchard, I'd work till I'm sore

I haven't been here in a while, sorry. I've been meaning to get over here to update about The Voice auditions  and also to review some new music, but I just have been ridiculously busy. I've had the new Fleet Foxes ♫ song in my head all day, which until a few days ago I was sure was a Simon and Garfunkel song I had never heard. I'm also working on a new cupcake recipe for my son's birthday and hope to try it out tomorrow.
As far as my audition went,
I didn't make call backs.

My audition was scheduled for 2 pm, I was meeting a friend who's audition was at the same time. We got there together at about noon. They were far more organized than American Idol and far more contestant friendly. I was done by 3:30pm the same day. The line moved quickly and there was complimentary water for us on the main floor. I can't even express how great the staff was, again, nothing like XFactor or American Idol. I was told while I waited in line by another contestant that we were only allowed instruments at call backs. This was a problem, because my awesome version of Psycho Killer was not going to be very impressive without my guitar. When it was time for my audition I went up with my guitar, really what were they going to say, put it down? They didn't. I was proud of my audition, however I think the guitar was also my Achilles heel. I think this show REALLY is a singing competition. You see American Idol is a TV show, so is XFactor, they are far from singing competitions. The Voice really does care about how well you sing and preform. Had I done a song A Capella, I actually may have had a chance. They enjoyed my audition and let me sing half the song before they stopped me. I was more nervous than I have ever been for anything, which didn't help. I knew while I was singing that it wasn't good enough to get me through, but I had a great time doing it. I have been inspired to get back in to music. There is an open mic night on Wednesday nights in my neighborhood. I've been practicing a bit and getting ready to become a regular there. I think I'm also going to start a music blog for myself and incorporate some Youtubes. I'll let you guys know when I get it up and running.
For now look for my new cupcake recipe in the next few days and a craft I plan to do with my daughter. We are having a Monster Themed birthday party for my son and Eve and I will be making the decorations.


Sadie said...

Just wanted to stop by and say I love reading your blog. :)

KitschyGirl said...

Thank you. :)
And thank you for getting me to start one.