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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting down to basics (butter)

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe the secret to a great cupcake is breaking everything down to the most basic ingredients. Now I'm certainly not a food scholar and it seems most people know, excluding me, that when you beat cream past whipping cream you end up with butter and butter milk. When I found this out I was so excited! Now you can imagine a girl like me buys a lot of butter for butter cream and cupcakes in general. It's so expensive. I never buy organic butter because it's just ridiculously priced. Butter has always been one of those things that have bothered me just a little bit. I buy locally made butter from Wisconsin, but it is the least expensive butter I can find and while I have no formal complaints about it, I'm sure I can find better tasting butter made with finer ingredients. Now that I know butter is just over whipped cream, I'm stoked to use it in a recipe. I didn't want to make butter for the first time and a new cupcake the same day, so I tried out the butter thing today and I hope to use it in a new cupcake soon. For those who were in the dark like me, I'll share the secrets of butter making. Warning, it's ridiculously easy.

Step 1
I started off with one pint of heavy whipping cream poured in to my stand mixer, Betty. Yes she has a name, she's my assistant and totally deserves a name.

 Step 2
With the whisk attachment set on high, with the splash guard, for 6 minutes

Step 3
Remove whisk attachment and replace with bread attachment, turn on medium for 2 more minutes
Step 3
take chunk of butter out of the bowl and strain the leftover buttermilk in to a container

Step 4
Rinse butter in ice water to help it stay fresh longer. Hold the ball of butter under cold running water and kneed it gently until the water runs clear. You have to get the remaining butter milk out.

There you have it. Butter and butter milk made from home.

Now I've read that 1 pint makes about 1lbs of butter and I would say based on weight guestimation, I got about a pound. I can't wait to use the buttermilk in my chicken nuggets tonight and the butter in my next batch of cupcakes, although I admit by then I will have to make more butter, because this tastes way too good to let sit in the fridge.


Crystal said...

This is so awesome!

SlickMom3 said...

Thank you for sharing! I guess I know what I am buying at my next groceries trip! Now for the cost ratio, About how much do you save? Other than once again the taste factor and Knowing what is in it?

KitschyGirl said...

Slickmom, the cost ratio all depends on what kind of butter you buy and what kind of creme. I've seen a pound of organic butter go for about 7 or 8 bucks, so I never buy it. I can buy organic cream for around $3.00. Now the butter I usually buy is around $3.00 a pound but now I can make it organic and have buttermilk for the same price.

Wydowness said...

This is so cool! I definitely trying this out, thanks for sharing!!!