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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Contest Giveaway!

So if you read my previous post you know I've been working on my cook book which will be available for sale this summer. First of course, I'm going to give one away. The book is filled with step by step instruction, some beginning recipes along with more complex ones, lots of pictures and all my tips and tricks. How do I win such an amazing book you ask?

  • First go to this link and watch the video if you haven't already.

  • Next click the like button for the video
  • Share it on your FB page
And last but not least, possibly the most important step.....I left the following comment on the Youtube video "I really enjoyed this project and working with Cafemom. The film crew was phenomenal and I'm very impressed with the editing. I'd love to work with Cafemom Studios again and I hope you think of me when going over ideas for new shows. I think that show would fit perfectly with your programming. "The Kitschy Kitchen" with famous cupcake blogger, Nicki Navarro ;)
For anyone watching who doesn't have access to Cafemom and my recipes, you can find them all at"
Like this particular comment.
  • When you have done all that, check back here and leave a comment!
I will pick one person at random, and send you the book.....autographed if you would like. :)

Official Rules
Contest winner will be announced May 8th. The winner will be drawn at random. If the winner does not reply by May 15, 2012 a new winner will be selected. Contest is limited to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Book may not be returned for cash value.


Unknown said...

I want that receipe for grape frosting! I love the face that its from scratch and the receipes are never "too sweet"!

arielsmomma1020 said...

I can't find your comment but I did bump the comment of yours I did see saying thank you!

KitschyGirl said...

Grape Cream Cheese Frosting
1 stick slightly softened butter
1 package 8oz cream cheese softened
1 cup unsweetened grape juice
4 cups powdered sugar

Boil the grape juice down until thick set aside to cool.
Beat butter and cream cheese until smooth. Add half the sugar and beat again until sugar is combined. Add grape syrup, mix well. Add remaining sugar and mix until smooth. :)

Mike said...

Okay, so I did all that but to be honest...I'd rather not win. That way there's no excuse for my begging for cupcakes!

Great job, cupcake.

SlickMom3 said...

I loved the video! You did great! I keep saying I am going to make your Cupcakes but when I tell my kids I am going to bake I get overruled to Banana muffins! That is my families favorite (with no frosting!)
Now I really want to set aside a couple days to make some of yours!
Congrats on a GREAT Video!

Rachel said...

That grape frosting sounds awesome -- and so creative!! OK Nicki, I did all the things on your list, now send me the cookbook! ;)

KitschyGirl said...

Mike, winning the book will not make you exempt from free cupcakes

Valerie said...

Great job Nicki!!! I've tried 3 of your cupcakes now and they have all been DELICIOUS!!!! :)

S.Splain said...

Wonderful job! It left me wanting more lol. I did all of the things in order to possibly win the giveaway. *Fingers Crossed*

Megan said...

I also liked your "thank you" comment - the other one isn't there and doesn't show up on your feed as being posted. Love the video and love your cupcakes!!

Mandi said...

I'd totally watch a cooking show with you! I already enjoy My Drunk Kitchen, so actually e-knowing a YouTube star would be awesome.

KitschyGirl said...

I love my drunk kitchen!

AngelaM said...

oooh I love any icing with cream cheese in it! How creative and talented you are. Can't wait for your dreams to come true. It would not hurt knowing a famous cupcake chef.

ShadowRaven said...

The comment is flagged as spam, that's why it doesn't show up. You have to click on "show" to see it. I did everything (liked the comment under the name 'aozgolo"--not my youtube account lol).

Hudson.Maggie said...

I haven't tried any of your cupcake recipes, but they look AMAZING =)

Anonymous said...

Liked it =).. Thanks!

hudson.maggie on cafemom btw

Anonymous said...

Awesome video! Love your cupcakes, the flavor combos, and using natural ingredients!

Anonymous said...

Awesome video! I love your cupcakes, the flavor combos and natural ingredients!

Wendy said...

Looks like my comment got lost. Love your cupcakes and loved the video. Can't wait for our next birthday party!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking on here all day!! No winner yet?? :/